Direct Perception Photo Gallery

Direct Perception was an experiential workshop for new, advanced and aspiring artists, and anyone wanting to explore and strengthen their creative expression.  Led by Jerry Granelli, Leya Evelyn and Alan Syliboy, the workshop was designed to help us experience the world and our creative power with fresh eyes.  Please enjoy these photos. Jerry Granelli is a master … Continue 

Experience the Joy and Satisfaction of Staffing at Dorje Denma Ling

Usually the heart of the teachings are conveyed when we attend a program as a participants. And yet again and again staffers tell us that they experience another level of richness and satisfaction from actually helping to create and support the elegant and open environment in which the program unfolds. From start to finish staffers … Continue 

The Birth of the Land Centres by Jan Watson

There is a One For each land centre. Emerging shining from the cosmic mirror To guide, protect and energise The Shambhala Dharma in this earthly realm. There is a One. Ekajati for Karma Choling – the mother of all, For SMC Warrior Magyal Pomra and Lord Denma for DDL. This is no accident but the … Continue 

Death and the Art of Dying: Dream Yoga and Death with Andy Holecek September 13-15

One third of our lives is spent sleeping. Dream and sleep yoga allow us to transform sleep into meditation. Every night we drop into the enlightened state, do not recognize it, and miss another chance.  By learning how to wake up in our dreams, we can transform sleep into a profound method to help us understand … Continue 

Mindfulness for Education Professionals October 25-27

Mindfulness for Education Professionals with Robyn Traill October 25th—October 27th Mindfulness for Education Professionals is a professional development program integrating mindfulness and contemplative techniques, for educators working with children and adolescents from grades primary through 12. Participants will learn and practice a variety of mindfulness techniques, that strengthen attention, confidence and acceptance – for teachers and … Continue 

Intuitive Astrology with Deborah Young, October 25-28

Intuititve Astrology by Deborah Young ‘There is nothing wrong with you’, I said. She squirmed. I knew this was not what she wanted or expected to hear. I could feel her panic and stiffen at my words. She glanced towards the closed door of my office. At this point, she was probably deeply disappointed that … Continue 

Warriors for the Human Spirit: Finding Our Way in this Brave New World

      Meg Wheatley and Jerry Granelli will teach Warriors for the Human Spirit: Finding Our Way in This Brave New World at Dorje Denma Ling August 20 to August 25. The first night of the program Tuesday, August 20 will be free and open to to the public. This program engages the questions: What … Continue 

Magnetizing Fire Offering, April 20-22, 2012

In 2006, the Sakyong gave his permission and blessing for Dorje Denma Ling to practice the magnetizing and enriching fire offerings in a weekend format as ‘rites of aid.’  Mark Nowakowski and Dewi Roberts have inspired and led these retreats, and our April 20-22, 2012 retreat was the 7th magnetizing fire offering for DDL.  We … Continue 

Four Programs, Four Victories, Four Cheers

Dorje Denma Ling is the primary land centre for Shambhala in Canada, and we will be celebrating 20 years of service to Shambhala in 2012.  During the past two decades the centre has grown from a small facility where groups from Halifax came to put on their own programs, to Shambhala’s fourth international land centre, … Continue 

Pavilion Expansion Phase II: Moving the PMH Platform

On to Phase II of the Pavilion expansion. The pavilion is getting bigger so it can accommodate simultaneous Scorpion Seal III and Scorpion Seal IV programs. In order to make room for the expansion the facilities team had to move the big white pmh/dining platform 10 feet in the direction of the flagpoles.  We are … Continue