Nova Scotia Covid-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

Last Updated February, 2021

During this Covid-19 pandemic, Dorje Denma Ling is carefully monitoring all the guidelines, restrictions and ongoing updates to regulations in order to ensure your health and safety when visiting the land. The current health and safety regulations limit visitors to those residing in the Atlantic provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. At this time, we cannot accept visitors from other provinces, the U.S., or any other country unless you have completed a two-week quarantine elsewhere. Dorje Denma Ling cannot offer self-isolation services at this time.

The following sets of guidelines current apply:

  1. For private retreats in Gyatso Lodge;
  2. For events in the Dragon room (main building).

Guidelines for Private Retreatants in Gyatso Lodge

First and foremost:

  • If you are experiencing any symptoms or are feeling unwell close to your arrival date — STAY HOME. We will reimburse you in full, or you can reschedule.
  • If you have travelled outside of the Atlantic Bubble without self-isolating for 14 days — STAY HOME. We cannot support anyone who must self-isolate.
  • If you have been in contact with anyone who has travelled outside and not yet isolated for 14 days — Please, STAY HOME.

If none of the above apply, we look forward to your visit! During your stay, you have access to your retreat suite and common areas in Gyatso Lodge, as well as access to the office building (aka the barn). You should not go into the main building except if invited for a specific practice event. The main building is part of the Denma Ling staff bubble, and no visitor cleaning and safety precautions are followed unless there is a specific practice event scheduled.

In Gyatso Lodge, four private retreat suites have been set up, each of which includes two rooms and a private washroom. Each suite is thoroughly cleaned before and after guests check in. Once you have arrived in your suite, consider that home during your stay.

However, for all indoor common areas in Gyatso Lodge or the office building, health and safety restrictions apply. Please follow these guidelines for common indoor areas — they are required by health authority regulations:

  • Wear a mask in all indoor common areas — at all times (including and especially in the kitchen).
  • Use the hand sanitizer placed at common entrance or hallway areas as you pass through — in and out.
  • Maintain the physical distance of 2 meters between you and others in common areas whenever possible.
  • Only one guest is permitted to use the small kitchen at a time. If there is more than one guest, a schedule will be posted.
  • When using the common kitchen area, wash your hands with soap and water when arriving and leaving. Also, when sharing the kitchen with another retreatants, use the available spray sanitizer on all surface areas and handles before leaving the space.
  • DDL staff will be monitoring and cleaning the kitchen when there is more than one retreatant in the building, but for extra safety, please share the cleaning responsibility.

Guidelines for Events in the Dragon Shrine Room

Before your arrival, the staff will thoroughly clean all common areas, and specify the rooms that visitors can and cannot enter. It is your responsibility to follow these health and safety guidelines:

  • As mentioned above, stay home if you have symptoms or are are unwell, have travelled outside of Nova Scotia / PEI,  or been in contact with someone who has but not yet self-isolated for 14 days.
  • Wear a mask at all times when entering and moving around in all indoor common areas.
  • Use hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving.
  • Maintain the physical distance of 2 meters between you and others in common areas whenever possible.
  • Limit your presence to those rooms into which you have been invited; don’t stray out of bounds.
  • During the practice event, you will find your seat is socially distanced according to regulations. You may remove your mask when practising, or leave it on if that feels safer to you.
  • When you leave your “socially distanced practice spot” for any reason, you must use your mask and sanitize or wash your hands again.

We know that regulations change, and we will be monitoring and updating this page as necessary. However we do not expect these guidelines to change in the next few months.