Join The Governing Council

The Dorje Denma Ling Governing Council (DDL GC) is the governing body for Dorje Denma Ling, which oversees the activities of the DDL Management team that, in turn, is responsible for the operations of DDL. The mandate of the DDL GC is to maintain the financial, administrative and organizational health of DDL in accordance with the Charter (Bylaws) and Affiliation Policies of Shambhala Global. The DDL GC also regularly relates to and supports constituent groups that are part of the DDL community, including Shambhala Global, Shambhala Halifax, Tatamagouche, other Centres and Groups in the Atlantic provinces, and Shambhala members around the world with a heart connection to DDL.

The GC is committed to a consensus basis for decision making. GC Members are normally appointed for a three-year term, however other term lengths are possible.

Members of the GC are responsible for:

  • All activities of DDL, with an emphasis on the well-being of the Shambhala community.
  • Participating in oversight and support of an area of activity, such as Practice and Education, Fundraising, Programming, Finance, Legal Affairs, Human Resources, Climate and Energy, Building/Facility Management, Land Management; etc.
  • Setting policies for and supervising, directly or indirectly, those holding executive and management functions for DDL.

Serving as a Council Member is a volunteer position. GC members would meet at least once a month, or more as required, with additional time for committee meetings in support of DDL activities. Including any associated work, Council members can anticipate a minimum commitment of 5-8 hours per/month.

Members & Responsibilities of DDL GC

Practice and Education, Programs Deborah Luscomb* [email protected]
Building/Facility Management Vacant
Member at Large Lilly Gleich [email protected]
Legal Affairs, Human Resources Jud Levinson [email protected]
Climate and Energy, Land Management David Flint [email protected]
Member at Large Marvin Moore [email protected]
Member at Large Robert Fierman [email protected]
*Currently Acting Director

If you have an interest in joining the Governing Council, please email Deborah Luscomb. All GC members undergo a background check and will sign a statement pledging to abide by the Shambhala Code of Conduct, including the Policy on Child Protection, Policy on Conduct by People Holding Positions of Authority, Policy to Address Sexual Misconduct, Policy on Diversity, Inclusivity and Anti-Discrimination.


We are seeking those who have experience with nonprofit or other organizational work, including working with Board or executive level management, financial management, mental health and/or educational services. Successful applicants will have resonance with the Buddhist and Shambhala teachings and vision of enlightened society, and have an understanding of, practice with, or experience with the Shambhala and Buddhist teachings and path.

Knowledge of or experience in the following categories is desired:

●  English fluency
●  The Shambhala sangha and DDL
●  Corporate governance
●  Board membership (profit or nonprofit)
●  Nonprofit management
●  History of good financial and legal decisions
●  Financial statements, budgets
●  History of successful collaborative accomplishments
●  Professional experience in the area of care and conduct and/or mental health

Personal qualities sought include the following:

●  Ability and willingness to listen
●  Open-minded, striving to be without bias, fixed agenda or extreme views
●  Ability to collaborate with others and work to build consensus
●  Common sense and judgment, and decision making ability
●  The ability to set aside personal views for the best interest of the organization
●  Commitment to diversity and inclusion
●  Willingness to seek out and reflect upon constructive feedback about how one’s own implicit biases can affect one’s decisions and actions