Meet Katherine and her Black Dragon



Katherine Munro and her famous Black Dragon, well known to many of you.

Katherine painted him in 1994 when she came to newly born Dorje Denma Ling to take Levels 3- 5. Great Eastern Sun office building was just a barn at that time and neither main shrine room, Pavilion nor Gyatso existed yet.

Today, 22 years later, she takes care of Dorje Denma Ling program planning and also of the Dragon. Here is her poem making him immortal in the world of words.

Black Dragon

Gun metal scales

Pass in front of mind’s eye too close to see

Empty essence of all colors

Untameable being of fathomless space

Your rumble inspires blissful fear

You are the punk rockers dream

There is no “thing” other

You are the underground scene

You are the bottom of our hearts

Ungraspable quicksand

You are the beat poet

You are heavy metal

You are the ultimate rebel

You are the revolution

The glint in your eye is the crack in the egg

You are on the tips of our tongues

You are the whistle blower

Stanger than fiction

Crash through our comfort zone

Break down the wall

Swallow our clouds of ghostly confusion

Burn down the house of cards.

Let us dance and play with you in the space beyond meeting, staying and parting.

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