Local Off-Site Accommodations

There are several bed and breakfast lodgings, hotels and motels nearby. Please contact the proprietors directly to arrange offsite accommodation. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information as prices and conditions change. If you discover any changes, please email and inform the Program Manager.

The following lodgings are within a short drive of Dorje Denma Ling:

Suzy Ulrich – Sangha
18 minute drive from DDL  

Double room – private ensuite bath,  house overlooks river.
902-210-9490    Email for details: [email protected]

Green Dragon Farm and Bed & Breakfast
4 minute drive
, Phone: 902-657-0081
[email protected]

Tatamagouche Stables – Sangha
5 km from DDL         

Tranquil country setting on a small hobby farm.
One bedroom, shared bath, $40/night/per person. Queen size bed.
Contact : Guy Rochon  902-809-7137

Barbara Zielinski – Sangha
15-minutes from Dorje Denma Ling
Double room, private bath, $50/night
Single room, shared bath, $40/night
[email protected]

Christine Guest – Sangha
12-15 minute drive from Dorje Denma Ling
Three rooms, shared bath and Shrine room, $65/night for a private room, $35/night shared (2 beds)

Madeline Conacher & Louis Allen – Sangha
5 minute drive from Dorje Denma Ling    

Two single rooms @ $50, One double room @$75 – 2 full bathrooms
161 Highway 311 Loop   902-957-8484
[email protected]

Caper Cafe
9 minute drive from DDL
3 Rooms.   Two rooms – Double bed  One room – Queen Bed,  Shared bathroom.
365 Main St, Tatamagouche
Call Mary at 902-293-1533. or 902-657-0054

Balmoral Motel
11 minute drive from DDL

131 Main Street, Tatamagouche
902-657-2000, 888-383-9357; Fax – 902-657-2205
[email protected] or www.balmoralmotel.ca

Cottages at Cambra Sands
27 minute drive from DDL

Malagash, NS   1-866-559-0705
[email protected] or www.cambrasands.com

Forest Haven Inn
3 minute drive from DDL
8627 Hwy. 311, Balfron (near Tatamagouche)
902-657-2962, 877-658-3466, Fax – 902-657-2962

Jubilee Cottage
30 minute drive to DDL

Wallace, NS   902-257-2432
[email protected]

Sunrise Shore Marina & Cottages
14 minute drive to DDL

369 Brule Shore Road, Tatamagouche
[email protected] or www.sunriseshoremarinaandcottages.ca

The Train Station Inn
10 minute drive to DDL

21 Station Rd, Tatamagouche   902-657-3222

Dolan’s Inn & Suites
9 minute drive to DDL

3 Pine St,  Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia B0K 1V0
Phone (902) 485-1337
Dolan’s Inn & Suites Website