Pavilion Expansion Phase II: Moving the PMH Platform

On to Phase II of the Pavilion expansion.

The pavilion is getting bigger so it can accommodate simultaneous Scorpion Seal III and Scorpion Seal IV programs.

In order to make room for the expansion the facilities team had to move the big white pmh/dining platform 10 feet in the direction of the flagpoles.  We are talking about a pretty big platform, 20 feet by 70 feet.  Originally we thought that we could just haul it forward with the tractor, but after some thought it seemed like this approach would be difficult because the supports would no longer match the contour of the ground which would make getting the whole thing level again a nightmare, thus we sought after a different plan.

The approach we took ended up being quite simple.  We needed to move a 20 x 70 deck 10 feet so we just cut the whole thing in half along the length and moved the 10 x 70 section closest to the pavilion to the opposite side of the remaining 10 x 70 section in small sections.  This approach worked out really well because the 10×70 section that never moved was a level and supported reference point which saved us a lot of levelling headaches and time.

I would like to say that I am really proud of the facilities team for taking on this huge task.  They have been brave learning new tools and skills , carefully thinking through each step in the process, and working with each other in a warm, intelligent and inspiring way.

So that is it for Phase II.  Up next, phase III will be about the foundation that was poured for the expansion. Enjoy the photos!

Our budget for this expansion is $15,000-17,500.  If you would like to support this project by making a donation, please contact Serri, our fundraising manager at [email protected].