Personnel Manager

Nature of Work

The Personnel Manager is an experienced meditation practitioner and supports the work of all members of the Dorje Denma Ling Core Community and all those who come to work at Dorje Denma Ling as volunteers, paid or unpaid. As the Personnel Manager relates to all staff, this position assumes the responsibility of caring for their well being, and supports staff development plans.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Personnel Manager:

  • Works closely with the Executive Director in the review and development of HR policies.
  • Supports, inspires and provides direction for staff on a day-to-day basis.
  • Facilitates regular one-to-one reviews with staff to learn about their needs and aspirations to fulfill their responsibilities at DDL and beyond.
  • Manages timesheets as required and submits promptly to the Finance Office.
  • Maintains and updates personnel files.
  • Assists with Labor Audit requests, if and when they occur.
  • Facilitates resolution of conflict related to interpersonal or work issues between members of the core community and others.
  • Oversees the implementation of the Shambhala Code of Conduct, including training and oversight of related matters.
  • Assists the Executive Director with the recruitment and hiring of new staff and volunteers.
  • Trains new staff and volunteers on the Dorje Denma Ling Code of Conduct and Resident Guidelines.
  • Other duties as assigned.


The Personnel Manager is classified as a full-time, core-staff position working a minimum 30 hours per week. If a resident staff member living on the land, you will be charged a modest rate for board and lodging, which will be deducted from your semi-monthly pay.

Other benefits include ample time for daily meditation practice, access to local Meditation Instructors, opportunities to participate in dharma classes and retreats, and free tuition for programs at the Dorje Denma Ling (if your schedule permits).

Evaluation Process

After two months of employment, there will be a process of review for the Personnel Manager. This process will be designed and led by the Executive Director and will include a review of performance, communication and practices.

For more information, contact [email protected]. To submit an application follow this link.

Printable Document: Personnel Manager 2022