Winter Family Gathering

December 26th—January 1st (2013)

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  • $360 Full Tuition
  • $180 Tuition Assistance 1

We are very happy to announce a Family Program at this winter retreat.  Families are warmly invited, and we will provide a morning program for children so that parents can practice if they wish.  Afternoons will be for family activities, including snow-shoeing and other outdoor winter activities (snow permitting!), cooking, music, arts & crafts, and visiting local points of interest.  Stay tuned for more information about this!

We are pleased to offer special low pricing for this holiday program.  Adult price options are outlined below;  children may attend for $12/night ($72 for the full program) if they are staying in the same room as their parents (they may end up sleeping on mattresses on the floor if the program fills up).  

Full Program Tuition (adults): $360 plus accommodations  

This price covers virtually all of our actual operational costs for the program. By choosing to pay this price, you extend your generosity to Dorje Denma Ling and the other participants. Thanks to you, we can make more scholarships available and continue to enrich Denma Ling.

Discounted Program Tuition (adults):   $180 plus accommodations

This price reflects our commitment to keeping programs affordable. The operational costs for this program not covered by program fees come from donations.

Please Note:  Above prices include meals but not accommodations. For winter programs, double and triple rooms with shared hallway bathrooms are available in Gyatso Lodge for $35 per night, so for this program the lodging cost would be an additional $210.  Huts and Cabins are not available as lodging options for winter programs. If you are interested in a single room, please contact us about two weeks before the program begins, and depending on the number of registrants, we may be able to offer you this option for an additional $30 per night.  Please note that in past years the Holiday retreat has been full and no single rooms have been available.

The price for the Tuition is either $60 or $30 per night depending on the option you choose.   If you only come for part of the program it would be $60/$30  per night plus $35 per night for accomodation


To register please   click on the "Registration" button below or call (902) 657-9085


All program costs at Dorje Denma Ling are workable.  With either of the tuition choices above, we can provide a payment plan of up to 6 months, and we also match all scholarships that local Shambhala Centers grant to help their members attend programs.  If you have any questions about the financial aid or payment plans, please contact our Finance Manager, Susan Engel at 902-657-9085 x13   or via email at[email protected]  at least two weeks before the program begins.  Please note that we cannot arrange tuition discounts at registration.



Deposits will be refunded up to 30 days prior to the program, less a 10% administration fee. Deposits will be 50% refunded up to 10 days prior to the program. There is no refund of deposits for cancellations less than 10 days 
before the start of a program.