Sustainability and Spirituality

with Acharya Martin Janowitz

May 24th—May 26th (2013)

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     Much of the dysfunction of modern civilization is based on a material culture driving separation and an alienation from the living earth. To the contrary, diverse spiritual traditions recognize that these assumptions and reference points are fabricated, seeing that humankind is not special or separate but an integrated part of nature. Thich Nhat Hanh refers to this as our "inter-being": we and other species "inter-are." If we base our life and conduct on this truth, we transcend the notion that spiritual practice takes place within an isolated religious framework that promotes only our own individual awakening. We realize the importance of integrating the practice of mindfulness into the activities of daily life and acting in accord with our interconnectedness.  Further, we are drawn to take active responsibility - contributing to healing, social transformation and harmony within an interdependent world. In such ‘engaged spirituality’, our personal and collective journeys turn out to go hand in hand, energizing our effectiveness and perseverance.

     The purpose of this workshop is to gather activists, educators, environmentalists, the curious and people of all faiths who wish to explore sustainability and spirituality in an integrated way. We will delve into the foundations of sacred activism – the ground practices of nowness and basic goodness, the power bank of natural energies and ultimately the lively possibilities of warriorship - sacred world in action. This experiential weekend will include guided meditation and contemplations both on our seats and wandering amidst the natural beauties of Denma Ling and a series of talks with ample time for discussion, dialogue and investigating our collective wisdom. The practice, discussions and ideas from this gathering are intended to stimulate and challenge us to engage powerfully and creatively in the emergence of a truly sustainable world – supporting enduring and enriching personal, communal and global pathways.

****You are welcome to join us for a FREE Friday night discussion with Marty Janowitz, Av Singh, and Kim Thompson******

     This event will be led by Marty Janowitz. During the past 20+ years Marty Janowitz has been involved with fellow Nova Scotians in efforts to realize the shared aspiration of a decent and flourishing society noted for its integrated environmental, social and economic vitality. He is currently Chair of the Nova Scotia Round Table on Environment and Sustainable Prosperity and the Authentic Leadership in Action Institute (ALIA). He was Executive Director of Clean Nova Scotia, President of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, of Genuine Progress Indicators (GPI) Atlantic, and Chair of the Board of Naropa University.  Marty is Vice President Sustainable Development of Stantec, one of North America's premier environmental, design and planning consulting firms where his current focuses include community climate change adaptation, sustainable infrastructure and corporate social responsibility. Marty is a long-time student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and is a senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.

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