Chöd Training & Practice: Severing Attachments to Obstacles 2020

with Kristine McCutcheon

September 25th—September 27th -Date postponed or cancelled

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    Chöd is a powerful Vajrayana practice founded by Machik Lapdron in 11th century Tibet that couples Buddhist philosophy with indigenous Tibetan shamanic traditions. Chöd literally means "cutting" -- cutting through our obscurations, cutting ego-grasping and fixation and then offering our entire being to pacify the suffering of all beings. It is also valued as a special system of spiritual healing.

    Chöd practice was given to our sangha by Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamsto Rinpoche during the summers he visited Karme Chöling and Dorje Denma Ling. We use the English translation of the Surmang Chöd practice text prepared by Elizabeth Callahan with music composed by Ellen Green and Jean Thies, as requested by the Khenpo. Khenpo gave permission for his students who have been practising Chöd regularly to give the lung for this practice to Shambhala vajrayana students.

    The retreat is open to vajrayana students who wish to learn the practice, as well as to experienced Chöd practitioners. Kristine McCutcheon will give the lung, and provide instructions for the sadhana and music.

    Who Can Attend

    • Experienced Chödpas
    • Aspiring Chödpas who have received Vajrayogini abhisheka or who finished a ngöndro and has permission from their teacher.

    If you have questions about whether you can attend, please contact Kristine directly at [email protected]

    Please Note: Our lodge is filled this year with the Mahamudra Dathun participants, so no rooms are listed under the accommodations section. Our cabins and white tents are very comfortable and more economical. However, if you have health concerns that seriously limit your ability to stay in a cabin or tent, please email Guest Services for more information. This space is very limited, and reserved for individuals who could not otherwise attend.

    Invitation to Friday Talk

    All vajrayana practitioners are invited to attend the introductory talk on Friday evening at 7:30. This will give an overview of Chöd practice, cover the history, and explain why this is a standalone lineage.

    There is no charge but donations are welcome. Please let Guest Services know if you are planning to come.

    Practice Liturgy

    The practice liturgy we use is called Offering One's Body: The Daily Practice of Chö, which was translated into English by Elizabeth M. Callahan under the Guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche.

    Copies of the liturgy will be available for purchase which covers printing and a donation to the translator. You can indicate that on your registration form under "Optional Items" and the cost will be added to your Guest Statement.


    Friday: 6:30 Dinner & 7:30 Talk
    Saturday: 7am - 9pm, with Chöd Instructions and Practice from 9am to 6pm
    Sunday: 7am - 4:30pm
    Note: 7-8 am and 7:3-9 pm sessions are optional

    What to Bring

    • If you have a Chöd drum, please bring that. If you don't bring your damaru.
    • Bring a bell.
    • Bring a mala.
    • If you have extra bells, Chöd drums or damarus, please bring those along to lend to a few people who might not have these implements.

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