Program Listings

Vajrayogini Weekend Magnetizing Fire Offering 2019

May 3 - 5, 2019
Dorje Denma Ling
A special weekend fire offering for magnetizing all good things to Dorje Denma Ling and all beings everywhere.

Healing and Transforming Emotions with the Five Wisdoms

With Timothy Walker, Ph.D.

May 10 - 17, 2019
Dorje Denma Ling
According to Tibetan Buddhist teachings, we all posses the ability to access innate wisdom through five elemental energies expressed in our emotions. These five energetic emotional styles describe the different ways in which we each perceive and interact with others and our world. […]

Chakrasamvara Amending & Four Karmas Fire Offering

With June Crow

May 20 - 30, 2019
Dorje Denma Ling
This is an advanced vajrayana retreat open to practitioners who have completed the Vajrayogini Four Karmas Fire Offering, and received Chakrasamvara abhisheka from a recognized vajrayana teacher.

Ashe Mahamudra Nine-Day Retreat

With Acharya Richard John

June 21 - 30, 2019
Dorje Denma Ling
This retreat will align the traditional investigation and pointing out instructions of mahamudra and trekchö with the wisdom of Ashe and the path of the Four Dignities, using the Ashe Mahamudra, a profound liturgy by the Sakyong.[…]

Scorpion Seal Assembly Year 4

With Acharya Eve Rosenthal

July 5 - 16, 2019
Dorje Denma Ling
Prerequisites:  To register for this retreat you must have attended and completed all practice requirements for Scorpion Seal Assembly Years 1, 2 and 3. It is not necessary to apply to the Shambhala Office of Practice and Education in order to attend Scorpion Seal Assembly Year 4. […]

Family Camp 2019

With Pam Boyce

July 21 - 28, 2019
Dorje Denma Ling
Family Camp is a magical week for parents and children to spend together with friends old and new at Dorje Denma Ling. […]

Warrior Assembly 2019

August 7 - 18, 2019
Dorje Denma Ling
Register now and get a CAD $120.00 off the assembly price. Offer valid until Apr 7, 2019.
Building on Enlightened Society Assembly and the Sacred Path programs, Warrior Assembly introduces powerful practices and teachings on the Ashe principle. This Assembly focuses on how to develop fearlessness in engaging as a warrior in the world. […]

Celebrating the Vajrayana

With Acharya Christie Cashman

September 13 - 19, 2019
Dorje Denma Ling
Register now and get a CAD $50.00 off the assembly price. Offer valid until Apr 15, 2019.
The vajrayana teachings are renowned for providing the strongest medicine in times of the greatest confusion. But it’s also during these times that practices such as invoking the deity, resting in the nature of mind, or engaging in sacred perception can feel very remote.[…]

Atlantic Regional Conference 2019

October 4 - 6, 2019
Dorje Denma Ling
Join us in a weekend celebration of the Shambhala sangha in the Atlantic provinces!

Mahamudra Retreat: Cultivating Stillness and Insight

With Elizabeth Callahan, Scott Wellenbach, Yeshe Palmo and Nancy Huszagh

October 16 - November 17, 2019
Dorje Denma Ling
Register now and get CAD $150.00 off the program price. Offer valid until Mar 1, 2019.
When mind is without reference point, that is mahàmudrà. When you are accustomed to and familiar with this, unsurpassable awakening is attained. - Tilopa; Mahàmudrà: The Ocean of Definitive Meaning[…]