Program Listings

  • Lodge: Single Occupancy Room – CAD $1,885.00
  • Lodge: Double Occupancy – CAD $1,435.00
  • Drala Cabin: Single Occupancy – CAD $1,795.00
  • Drala Cabin: Double Occupancy – CAD $1,390.00
  • Large White Tent: Single Occupancy – CAD $1,705.00
  • Large White Tent: Double Occupancy – CAD $1,300.00
  • Wood Cabin: Single Occupancy – CAD $1,705.00
  • Wood Cabin: Double Occupancy – CAD $1,300.00
  • White Hut: Single Occupancy – CAD $1,705.00
  • White Hut: Double Occupancy – CAD $1,300.00
  • Bring Your Own Tent: Platform Provided – CAD $1,210.00
  • Bring Your Own Tent: No Platform Provided – CAD $1,075.00
  • Shrine Room Floor: Garuda – CAD $1,120.00
  • Live or Staying Locally – CAD $895.00

Date & Time Details: Arrival Friday, June 7 by 5 pm. Departure Sunday June 16 after lunch.

Location: Dorje Denma Ling

Address: 2280 Balmoral Road, The Falls, NS B0K 1V0, Canada

Contact: Amara McLaughlin-Harris
[email protected]

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Mahamudra and Trekchö Retreat

with Richard John

June 7 - 16, 2024

Knowing What Has Been Pointed Out

This 9-day retreat is for vajrayana practitioners who know there is no time to waste, and that recognizing the nature of mind is of the utmost importance.

In his first Vajra Assembly in 1976, the Vidyadhara taught there was no practice stream higher than maha ati (dzogchen), but for it to be authentic, the tantric path of mahamudra is the best approach. In this retreat we will practice both the investigations and pointing out of essence mahamudra, and profound pith instructions from masters of trekchö, its dzogchen equivalent.

This deep practice retreat for committed vajrayana practitioners draws on upadesha, pith instructions, from some of the great masters of mahamudra and dzokchen: Garab Dorje, Lodrö Thaye, Mipham Rinpoche, Padmakara, Yeshe Tsögyal, Takpo Tashi Namgyal, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, and others.

Who Can Attend

Prerequisites Apply: This retreat is restricted to those who have received Vajrayana transmission within Shambhala or Ocean, or from a Rinpoche of the Kagyu or Nyingma lineages.

This retreat is for all tantrikas: New practitioners who will benefit from having clarity about the transmission, those already engaged in mahamudra practice, and long-time practitioners in need of a re-boot.

What to Expect

Participants are asked to commit to the entire retreat, follow the schedule, minimize outside communication, and practice silence except for discussions and other exceptions.

Saturday, June 15 we will enjoy a Sadhana of Mahamudra Feast.

Please register early — space is limited.


The typical day of retreat will begin at 7 am and end around 9 pm, with a few exceptions such as arrival and departure days. There are breaks for meals, tea, and mid-day chores.

Arrival: Friday, June 7 by 5 pm. Dinner is at 6:30, with orientation and the first talk beginning around 7:30.

Departure: Sunday June 16 after lunch. A more detailed schedule will be posted when you arrive.


All prices listed in $CDN.
Tuition & Meals: $895
Lodging: Extra: varies by type. Visit the Registration Form or this page for a list of options and pricing.

Early Bird Discount of $100 applies if you register by April 7, 2024.

Generosity Policy: If you need financial assistance in order to attend, please complete this form and our Finance Director will contact you. If you have questions or would like to set up a payment plan, contact our Finance Department at [email protected].

Heart Gifts

It is customary to offer a monetary Heart Gift to the teacher, whose livelihood is entirely from teaching programs. The gift is completely voluntary according to your inspiration, and there is no suggested amount — any amount is appreciated!

Registration and Cancellation Policies

Please take note that our registration and cancellation policies have been updated. You can read our registration and cancellation policies here.

Covid Considerations 

Please read the full details of our Covid policy here.

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Richard John
An early student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Richard served as acharya for Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche for 20 years. He completed the traditional Buddhist three-year retreat at Gampo Abbey, and has led mahamudra retreats for 25 years. Richard and his wife Liz reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
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