Program Listings

  • Lodge: Single Occupancy Room - $100 per Night – CAD $1,615.00
  • Lodge: Double Occupancy - $55 per Night – CAD $1,165.00
  • Lodge: Couple Room - $55 Each per Night – CAD $1,165.00
  • Lodge: Triple Occupancy Dorm with Bunk Bed - $45 per Night – CAD $1,065.00
  • Drala Cabin: Double Occupancy - $45 per Night – CAD $1,065.00
  • Shrine Room Floor (Garuda Room) - $15 per Night – CAD $765.00
  • Off-Land Commuters – CAD $715.00
  • (All prices include CAD $615.00 base amount)

Date & Time Details: Monday May 20 afternoon after lunch - arrive early if you can. Departure Thursday May 30 midday, after lunch.

Location: Dorje Denma Ling

Address: 2280 Balmoral Rd, Tatamagouche, NS, B0K 1V0

Peggy Eyre
[email protected]

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Chakrasamvara Amending & Four Karmas Fire Offering

With June Crow

May 20 - 30, 2019

A strong group of advanced Chakrasamvara practitioners will gather to celebrate this fire offering, combining both the amending and the four karmas part of the puja. This is an advanced vajrayana retreat open to practitioners who have completed the Vajrayogini Four Karmas Fire Offering, and received Chakrasamvara abhisheka from a recognized vajrayana teacher.

Additionally, in order to attend the Chakrasamvara Amending Fire Offering one should finish the required number of mantras. However, there is no harm in attending the Fire Offering before finishing the accumulations but it is recommended that one should be close to finishing with the intention of amending the mantras that one has not completed.

Please join in if this is the right moment on your path.

Through the skillful means of the fire offering, in the Four Karmas practice we begin to engage more fully in all the karmas, or enlightened activities, of pacifying, enriching, magnetizing, and destroying.

Tuition: $595 + $20 materials fee.Tuition includes meals. Accommodations are extra. If you who have previously completed a Chakrasamvara Four Karmas Fire Offering, partial attendance is accepted. Tuition for partial attendance will be prorated.

Arrival: Monday, May 20 afternoon. Please come early if you can to help set up. Please come early if you can. Registration is from 3 – 6. Dinner is at 6:30 pm

Departure: Thursday, May 30 around midday, after clean-up and departure lunch.

If have done the Chakrasamvara Fire Offering before and wish to staff, please contact Deborah Luscomb. There are only a couple of key positions available. Otherwise the program is mostly “self-staffed.”


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June Crow
June Crow became a student of The Vidyadhara, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1970 and has been studying and practising the Buddhadharma since that time. She received Chakrasamvara Abhisheka from Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in April of 1986 and has gained considerable experience over the years in leading Chakrasamvara Fire Pujas, and Chakrasamvara Drupchens.
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