Program Listings

  • CAD $615.00 – On Site Tuition - Double Occupancy Accommodation
  • CAD $375.00 – Off Site Tuition

Date & Time Details: Arrive Thursday, November 21 by 5 pm. Dinner is at 6:30. Depart Friday November 29 after breakfast.

Location: Dorje Denma Ling

Peggy Eyre
[email protected]

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Scorpion Seal 10 Weekthün: Leaping into Space Awareness

With Ashe Acharya John Rockwell

November 21 - 29, 2019

Practising Scorpion Seal 10 in a group retreat is a wonderful way to deepen these unique and penetrating transmissions. This week-long retreat will include time for practice, study, talks, discussion, small-group interviews, silence, exercises, and wandering outside. The retreat master will be Ashe Acharya John Rockwell, and the retreat will be essentially self-staffed.

Everyone must attend the full weekthün, arriving for the evening orientation on November 21st and leaving the morning of the 29th. It’s rare to find time for retreat, so please jump in!

Expect the usual schedule, diet and wardrobe guidelines. Also, please bring your ink if you live locally or are arriving by car.  More details to follow.

Program size is limited to around 40, but we only have indoor housing for 30 people on site. If you said “yes” on the survey that was sent out, please register and pay your deposit ASAP to secure your spot.

Tuition Prices

Includes Food and Double-occupancy Accommodation in Lodge or Drala Cabin
Residential Tuition: $615.00

Includes Food but not Accommodations
Off-Site Tuition: $375.00


  1. Can I come just for the weekend?
    Acharya Rockwell has indicated “no.” Full attendance is required. However, it is still possible to register for the SSA10 Gathering of the Clan September 20-22 weekend. If you can, why not do both? September is a lovely time of year at Dorje Denma Ling.
  2. How do I transfer my registration from the September program to the November weekthün?
    If you told us you want to transfer your registration from the September Gathering of the Clan, we will do that for you automatically as soon as we see your registration come through for the SSA10 Weekthün. If you intend to transfer your registration but haven’t yet let us know, please do so now. Email [email protected].
  3. Can I pay for a private room?
    Initially we have to limit registrations to double-occupancy accommodations in order to house as many people as possible on the land. However, there “may” be a few opportunities for single occupancy if only 23 people register to stay at DDL. In that case, we could offer an upgrade to single occupancy accommodation for an additional $350. Please email [email protected] if this upgrade is of interest to you, and we will contact you a week or so before the program begins if one becomes available.
  4. What if I’m traveling by plane?
    If you are traveling by plane, we will not expect you to bring ink, bedding or towels. All bedding and towels are routinely supplied for the Lodge and Drala Cabins, and we have lots of gomdens and zabutons for a program this size. We will also make provision for sharing travel information with other participants to help you arrange transportation to Dorje Denma Ling. These links can also be useful to help you plan your trip: Participant Info; Getting Here.
  5. Will you offer SI benefits of other financial assistance?
    We have tried to make this program as affordable as possible, so we cannot offer SI benefits or discounts at this time based on the number of people who have committed to attend thus far. What we can offer is a 4-Month Payment Plan for September to December 2019. You can make instalments in one of two ways:

    • Self Service Option: There will be a link in your registration confirmation that will take you to a credit card payment portal that you can access at any time to make additional instalments on your Guest Statement. Or, you can send e-transfers to [email protected]. However, our registration policy requires full payment within two weeks of program commencement, and our software will notify you of this 21 days before hand. If you have set up a full-service payment plan with the finance department, this requirement is waved and you can make the final instalment in December.
    • Full Service Option: You can contact Suzy Ulrich at [email protected] to set up a formal payment plan. We would charge your credit card or cash your post-dated cheques on the agreed-upon dates in your Payment Plan Agreement. You would still get the 21-day notice from our system, but we would have record of your Agreement on file and this requirement would be waved.


Ashe Acharya John Rockwell
In Fall of 1975, John Rockwell read Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism and was amazed by the clearest description of confusion he had ever seen. Being desperately confused himself, he dove into practice with an eight-week program at Karmê Chöling. Soon after that, he met the Vidyadhara at Karmê Chöling and became his student. John took refuge with the Vidyadhara in 1976 and moved to Boulder to be with him and to study at Naropa University. For the next fourteen years, John’s life revolved around practice, study, translation and teaching. He spent time with the Vidyadhara as a member of the…
Learn more about Ashe Acharya John Rockwell