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2019 Seasonal Volunteers needed!

Whether you stay for the whole summer program season, a month, or two, your service at Dorje Denma Ling is warmly welcome. Please contact us, or fill out an application, if you are thinking about 2019!

Staff and volunteers participate in daily meditation practice, have access to local Meditation Instructors, and opportunities to participate in dharma classes. Volunteers have two days off per week, room and board, and receive program credit based on length of service, good for two years. The best part of volunteering is the opportunity to offer your heart and service and participate in the creation of Enlightened Society.

Six month, seasonal staff, and monthly volunteer positions are available starting in late-April. We are looking for volunteers to work in our kitchen and facilities. Please apply here.

We’re Hiring for April 2019

In addition to volunteer support, we are now looking for people to fill these core staff positions:

Chief of Staff

We are planning our 2019 program season and are looking for a Chief of Staff to help us prepare. This is an exciting and dynamic role, central to the successful operation of Dorje Denma Ling. In conjunction with the Executive Director, creating an uplifted hosting environment is the view and responsibility of the Chief of Staff. Scheduling and managing core staff and volunteers, as well as coordinating all centre functions to support the programs is the key function of this leadership role. You are a Shambhala practitioner and your job is to make sure everything is in place to welcome guests and participants while supporting the staffing mandala in the process!

Please apply by completing this online application, or by sending a letter of interest and résumé to

For the full job description, please click here Chief of Staff job description

Program Coordinator

The role of the Program Coordinator is to work with other department heads to bring these programs to fruition and meet the logistical needs of incoming teachers and participants. The Program Coordinator is the master of details. The overall success of Dorje Denma Ling’s programming depends on creating a positive experience for both the teachers and participants during the execution of the program. It is the responsibility of the Program Coordinator to do whatever it takes to ensure DDL staff meet this goal. The ideal candidate

  • Has a strong personal commitment to Shambhala Vision of Enlightened Society
  • Has a strong sense of how a Shambhala Environment is created to support the teaching container
  • Is an experienced and skilled program coordinator, preferably having specific experience coordinating Shambhala Training or major programs
  • Demonstrates flexibility and steadiness when providing support to teachers and participants during program setup and implementation
  • Is a good communicator and is attentive to details
  • Has a demonstrated ability to work as part of a team
  • Is proficient in using database and other software tools

Please apply by completing this online application, or by sending a letter of interest and résumé to

The full job description is available here: Program Coordinator 2019

Kitchen Manager

With overall responsibility for Dorje Denma Ling’s kitchen, the Kitchen Manager holds the view that kitchen and food are at the heart of life at this retreat centre. This means providing wholesome and delicious food for visitors, participants and staff, and fostering an uplifted kitchen environment mixing discipline and joy.

Oversees all operations of the kitchen. Supervises and schedules staff and volunteer cooks. Provides training to cooks and kitchen prep volunteers. Maintains a practice environment in kitchen. Orders food and supplies. Ensures food quality and safety standards are met. Acts as Head Cook if scheduled to cook.

The ideal candidate has commercial kitchen experience, a regular mediation practice, and a valid driver’s license.

Please apply by completing this online application, or by sending a letter of interest and résumé to

The full job description is available here: Kitchen Manager.2019

Also wanted:

Kitchen Assistant/cook

Facilities Assistant

Please apply online

Thank you for your interest.