Working and Volunteering at Dorje Denma Ling

Consider spending your summer with us in 2022!

In 2021 our staff worked hard to keep things going. There were only a few people on staff but with the help of volunteers we were able to host some great programs.  We will be hiring more staff in 2022.

If you can’t come  for the whole season, we may still be able to use your help.  This is a great place to be in the summer with beaches and hiking trails nearby. Please contact the Executive Director for more details if you are interested in working here.  There are many things to be done on the land and in our garden.

In addition to work assignments, staff and volunteers participate in daily meditation practice, have access to local meditation instructors and opportunities to participate in dharma classes.

Seasonal Staff

The following staff will be needed beginning April 15 through December 15, 2022:

These are paid positions. Room and board are provided at a modest rate. If you are interested, please complete the application form.

Seasonal Volunteers

We also accept applications from volunteers who commit to one or more weeks of work. Volunteers receive free room and board and are given program credit for each full day of work. (Good for 2 years.) Volunteers also get two days off per week.

To apply as a volunteer, please complete this application

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Dorje Denma Ling community. You are welcome to send questions to [email protected].

We look forward to our 2022 Program Season!