Margaret Jones Callahan

​Margaret believes in the transformative power of Mindfulness Based Art. She leads mindfulness-based education programs combining her coaching skills with her experience as a senior meditation instructor, clinical counselor and registered art therapist.

Margaret has taught Mindfulness Art for 40 years, and offers Open Studio sessions at Windhorse Studio, in Indian Harbour, NS. In 2011, she founded the Mindfulness Based Art Therapy Summer Institute to train clinicians and educators. She has led MBAT training sessions internationally and consults to School Boards and mental health agencies.

With Brian, her life partner, Margaret lives and works in the vibrant artist community of St. Margarets Bay, NS. She is a member of the Peggy’s Cove Artists Association, Crossroads Artists, and the Contemporary Arts Association. She works in oils, acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media and has a special love for expressive calligraphy, and poetry.

Her work may be seen at:

M.A., Diploma of Education
Registered Clinical Counsellor
British Columbia Registered Art Therapist


Events with Margaret Jones Callahan

Walking the Path of Recovery: Buddhism & the 12 Steps
May 21 - 26, 2024

The path of Dharma and the path of recovery complement each other and work together to support and deepen sobriety. Buddhism and the 12 Steps each offer a template or method for one’s personal, spiritual journey. Both Buddhism and the 12 Steps begin with looking at life on its own terms: either acknowledging life’s unmanageability (as in Step 1) or acknowledging the truth of suffering. Both paths lead to the discovery of joy, compassion, and a deeper spiritual relationship to the world. Both Buddhism and the 12 Steps shine a light onto the path towards freedom. Who Should Attend Participants…