Sam West, 'Somo' of Kozan Kyudojo

Sam began kyudo in Boulder in 1980 with Sendai, Shibata Kanjuro Sensei XX, who had been invited  by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche to teach kyudo in Colorado. In 1984 Sam became responsible (Somo) for Toko Kyudojo in Manhattan.  He traveled to kyudo programs with Sendai during the 80’s and, in 1987, became responsible for Kozan Kyudojo in Nova Scotia.  Sendai sent Sam to help foster kyudo and develop dojos in Europe and the US.

Sam-editedIn 1999 Sendai requested Sam to organize and develop all the kyudojos  within Zenko International from Boulder. There, Sam lived with Sendai, cared for him, studied kyudo, organized and traveled with Sendai to teach programs in North America and Europe.

In 2007, Sam returned to live in Nova Scotia from where he traveled to assist Sendai in teaching kyudo in North America and Europe until Sendai’s passing.  Sam continues to lead and assist kyudo programs at home and abroad under the current lineage holder of the Heki Ryu Bishu Chickorin Ha school of kyudo, Shibata Kanjuro Sensei XXI.

Events with Sam West, 'Somo' of Kozan Kyudojo

Kyudo: The Way of the Bow 2020
September 11, 2020

“One is not polishing one’s shooting style or technique, but the mind. The dignity of shooting is the important point. This is how Kyudo differs from the common approach to archery…. The point is that through long and genuine practice your natural dignity as a human being comes out. This natural dignity is already in you, but it is covered up by a lot of obstacles. When they are cleared away, your natural dignity is allowed to shine forth.”                  — Kanjuro Shibata XX, Sendai. Kyudo integrates technical skill with the development of…