Roger Guest

Roger Guest began his formal study of Buddhism in 1973 and has been a dedicated practitioner and teacher for over 46 years. Roger Kayaking

As an active member in the Shambhala Buddhist community, Roger served as Executive Director of Karme Choling in Vermont from 1980 to 1986. After the death of his teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1987, Roger went on to acquire a Masters Degree in Counselling and Psychology from McGill University, and subsequently established a career in mental health. 

During the past 5 years Roger has been leading retreats that extend mindfulness practices “off the cushion,” and has enjoyed leading silent kayaking and nature-oriented youth retreats.

Just as Roger’s first book, The Tender Heart of Sadness (2009) provided practical advice on how to manifest the Shambhala path of warriorship, his second book (in progress) will provide techniques for deepening one’s moment to moment connection to direct experience through cultivation of the Listening Mind.

Roger currently lives in and works as a Clinician in Vermont, and offers programs and retreats throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.


Events with Roger Guest

Listening Mind Weekend Retreat - The Freshness of Impermanence
August 21, 2020

No matter where we are in life, every time we tune in to our perceptions we are invited to a fresh feast of aliveness. To fully taste this freshness we have to leave behind our preconceptions, even our identification with meditation practice. Focusing on the simplicity of Listening Mind, we will explore techniques that allow any situation – work, play, sitting, walking, being alone or with others – to support and deepen our connection to reality, to nature, to others and to ourselves. Over the course of this weekend we will be spending a lot of time in nature. Participants are…

Listening Mind - Deepening Presence and Connection
August 21, 2020

Most of us have had the experience of struggling with mindfulness, maybe even worried that our capacity for relaxation is slipping away. We have become slave to the powerful, seemingly omnipresent master of our personalities, known as the ‘Thinking Mind’. While the experience of being lost in thought is epidemic and untethered discursiveness has become chronic, there are ways we can regain our sanity in the non-conceptual world. Tuning in to ‘Listening Mind’ reconnects us with the present moment and undermines our reliance on conceptual thinking while opening us to a fresh way of being. What to Expect This program will offer techniques to…