Recruiting Managing Director or Co-Directors of Dorje Denma Ling

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Dorje Denma Ling (DDL) is a Buddhist retreat centre located atop a hill in Nova Scotia, Canada, about 6 km from the Village of Tatamagouche. We provide a supportive environment for individuals and groups to practice meditation and other contemplative disciplines.

We are guided by the Shambhala, Kagyu and Nyingma teachings, and aspire to practice, study, work and live in a society based on compassion and kindness toward all sentient beings and our planet Earth.

Dorje Denma Ling is located on sacred land in the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq. We are grateful to practice here, and are in the process of learning more about how our work can improve our relations with indigenous people and uphold the values of collaboration and inclusivity in all that we do. We also strive to become better stewards of the land.

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Invitation to Join the Team

Dorje Denma Ling is currently seeking a strong leader or leaders to help us transition into the next chapter of Shambhala’s history. This will require a lot of vision and creativity to move away from our land centres’ long-standing model of relying on large assemblies to maintain financial stability.

The new Director or Co-Directors will not be expected to single-handedly accomplish this goal. The Governing Council, which is responsible for maintaining the financial, administrative and organizational health of DDL, is there to provide support to whatever extent is required. Working as a team, the Director(s) and Governing Council members will share whatever challenges and victories arise as we go forward.

Role and Responsibilities of the Managing Director(s)

The Managing Director or Co-Directors will report to, and will work closely with, the DDL Governing Council composed of volunteers who love Denma Ling and are committed to its success. The Council includes members with skills in specific areas such as planning, finance, programs, marketing, facilities etc. It serves as guide and partner for the Director(s) in charting the Centre’s path for the coming years, as well as provides support for operations as needed. The Director(s)  will also work with the Shambhala Global Services (SGS) team, who will provide support in areas identified by the Shambhala Charter and Affiliation.

DDL is committed to an ongoing path of anti-racism, anti-oppression and anti-bias training and looks forward to working with a future Director(s) to affect this important organizational growth. Recognizing that leadership forms in Shambhala are in a state of creative flux, Denma Ling is open to new ideas for addressing the structure and flavour of the role. Other management structures envisioned by candidates will be considered.

Primary Duties of the Managing Director or Co-Directors

  • To lead by example with a personal dharma practice, demonstrating a strong commitment to the integration of dharma into daily life;
  • To adhere to and be responsible for the implementation of the Shambhala Code of Conduct;
  • To hire and manage seasonal staff and volunteers, and ensure a strong, rich and supportive community practice environment;
  • To guide staff and volunteers in developing and implementing programs and events, and in hosting program partners;
  • To serve as the principal link between the Centre and the local Shambhala community as well as the general public;
  • To promote an inclusive and welcoming environment for staff and program participants, being sensitive to a wide range of needs and interests;
  • To promote responsible land stewardship and environmental sustainability;
  • To serve as primary liaison with Shambhala Global Services, as well as coordinate activities with SGS departments (finance, legal, Shambhala Online, etc.);
  • To be responsible for fostering relationships with other dharma centres throughout Atlantic Canada;
  • To work closely with the Head of Finance, as well as a Management Team, on budget preparations, program revenue projections, and other financial analyses for decision-making to ensure the financial well-being of the Centre;
  • To work with the DDL Governing Council in implementing all of the above.

Required Skill and Capabilities

  • A strong background in leadership, including group work and decision-making skills, well-developed interpersonal skills with a demonstrated ability to work with conflict in ways that inspire others;
  • A background working with finances and adhering to budgets – including the ability to read and understand financial statements and use them for effective planning;
  • The ability to inspire others, seek and welcome their suggestions and advice, work well with diverse team members and make decisions that consider their views and experience;
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills, including the ability to use electronic media and manage software effectively;
  • Experience in leading and managing projects, organizing people, events and programs.
  • Experience in networking with organizations, foundations, public speaking and interest in developing partnerships;
  • Proven ability to magnetize resources, both human and financial from diverse sources, as well as experience with fundraising, development, publicity and marketing.

Terms of the Contract

  • The Managing Director(s) position is a full-time contract offered for a term of three years. The salary is negotiated commensurate with experience.
  • DDL currently operates year-round, offering on-land programs from Spring (April) to late autumn (November), supported with online programs and opportunities for solitary retreats (primarily during the colder months).
  • The compensation package includes health care, and vacation/program/retreat benefits. Housing in proximity to Dorje Denma Ling is also included.


Applicants should send their resume and cover letter to Eric Ruby (acting Director) at:

[email protected]