Direct Perception Photo Gallery

Direct Perception was an experiential workshop for new, advanced and aspiring artists, and anyone wanting to explore and strengthen their creative expression.  Led by Jerry Granelli, Leya Evelyn and Alan Syliboy, the workshop was designed to help us experience the world and our creative power with fresh eyes.  Please enjoy these photos.

Jerry Granelli is a master of free jazz. He has been playing drums, or anything he can make musical sounds with, nonstop since the 1940s. Of his process, he says, “Let go of what you want it to be. let go of how you think it to should be. even let go of your vision.”

Leya Evelyn has played with colour since she was young, studying with Josef Albers at Yale and teaching at NSCAD for 25 years. her abstract paintings are about explorations, possibilities, imaginings and openings, actively resisting tidy categorizations while simultaneously exploiting them.

Alan Syliboy looks to the indigenous mi’kmaq petroglyph tradition for inspiration, and developed his own artistic vocabulary out of those forms. most of his subjects deal with family, searching, struggle and strength. All of these things are part of his art, and his art gives him strength for a continuing spiritual quest.