Awaiting the Arrival of the Year of the Wood Dragon


Shambhala Day, February 10, 2024

In Tibetan astrology, the Year of the Dragon is associated with qualities of wisdom, confidence, cleverness and honesty. In Dragon years, we may see revolutionary ideas, but these years can also be known for reliability and a lack of arrogance. The element of Wood in the upcoming Wood Dragon year makes this year less fierce and domineering than other dragon times, bringing us a year with potential for working well with others and being able to compromise when needed.

Join the live Community Broadcast to celebrate the arrival of the new lunar year of the Wood Dragon. Connect with your local Shambhala Centre, or register online.

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Dorje Denma Ling is Canada’s only Shambhala International residential program centre. Founded in 1992, we are celebrating our 30th Anniversary this year. You are invited to join us on October 8.


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