2024: The Year of the Wood Dragon

In Tibetan astrology, the Year of the Dragon is associated with wisdom, confidence, cleverness, and honesty. The Dragon is an auspicious and extraordinary creature, unparalleled in talent and excellence. It symbolizes power, nobility, honour, luck, and success.

2024 is forecasted to bring about opportunities, changes and challenges.

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Land Acknowledgment

Our centre sits on Tatamagouche Mountain in North Shore Nova Scotia. On a clear day from the edge of the upper forest, you can see down past the expanse of forest to the Ocean in the Northumberland Strait.

There is almost always a breeze or a wind blowing across the land. The open skies often hold fast-changing clouds. Otherwise, glassy droplets shiver on the spider webs in the fog. Deer, porcupines, and black bears live nearby.

Some spring mornings, frost crystals sparkle on the meadows and the rivers, waterfalls, and creeks are icy cold. But down at the shore the shallow ocean water is the warmest on the Atlantic coast north of Virginia.

In summer, the apple tree by the western gateway blushes brightly on shades of green. Lacy umbrellas of countless wild carrot plants tilt at different angles to the sky. Quick storms come and go, making red mud in the eastern field.

Many settlers came to this area during the forced evictions of tenants in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. The local archives show the first deed to the land DDL sits on was drawn up in the 19th century.

Mi’kmaq/Mi’kmaw First Nations people have been here for 5-11+ thousand years. Mi’kma’ki, which means something like “on red earth” in English, refers to the traditional territories of the Mi’kmaq/Mi’kmaw, containing the Atlantic provinces, eastern Quebec, and Northern Maine.

Ten treaties that we know of govern the relationship between settlers and Mi’kmaq/Mi’kmaw people, including treaties of peace and friendship and treaties renewing them.

We wish to express our appreciation for being here. We are learning about this land, it’s history, and the duties we have under the treaties and as neighbours and guests here. If you have any feedback, suggestions, questions, or knowledge for us about this, please reach out to [email protected].


Generosity Policy:

We will do what we can to minimize the impact of financial limitations on the accessibility of our programs. This policy is made possible by donations that sustain a pool of funds earmarked for individuals with financial need.

Work exchange and scholarship or pay what you can options are available now. Visit our financial aid page for more information or write to us at [email protected].

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