Participant Info

What to Bring

What to Bring

____ Flashlight with extra batteries (for walking between buildings at night)
____ Alarm clock
____ Bedding and towel is supplied to guests in Gyatso Lodge and the Drala cabins. Bring your bedding and towel for all other types of accommodation.
____ Personal toiletries 
(Scent free please!)
____ If relevant, Medications that will last you through the program
____ Earplugs (optional)
____ Insect repellent, natural and non-toxic (in season)
____ A thermos or thermal mug. (Beverage containers used in the shrine room must have a leak-proof top.)
____ Rain gear: raincoat or poncho, umbrella
____ Warm jacket and clothing that can be layered for varied weather conditions. Evenings can be cold from September through early June.
____ Boots or water-resistant shoes (especially during rainy season, late April through June)
____ Footwear: Shoes that slip on or off easily for going in and out of the shrine rooms easily, sturdy sandals or shoes suitable for walking and, if you have room in your luggage, your dressier shoes for banquets (if applicable*)
____ One uplifted outfit: dress or sport coat and tie, for special gatherings (if applicable*)
____ Clothing appropriate for duty-rota work, practice and classes, casual work clothes such as jeans and t-shirts

*If specific instructions on what to bring apply to your retreat, those will be provided for you by the Program Manager prior to your arrival.

Environment, Diet and Health Concerns

  • Dorje Denma Ling aspires to be a SCENT-FREE environment for the comfort of all our patrons. Please bring only scent-free personal bathing and grooming products (also available in our gift store).

  • Food at DDL – What to expect: Breakfast at DDL consists of cooked oatmeal and millet, stewed fruit (prunes and/or apples), boiled eggs, yoghurt, and a selection of seeds, nuts and dried fruit. We provide cow, soy, and rice milk, as well as organic coffee and a selection of herbal and caffeinated teas. Lunch usually consists of a meat dish (pork, chicken, turkey or beef) or occasionally eggs; supper at DDL is usually vegan. At lunch and dinner, you can expect there to be options that are gluten free and vegan. We cook with a broad variety of ingredients, with the goal of sourcing as much local and sustainable food as possible. Meals are labelled with a list of ingredients so you know what you are eating. In addition to cooked meals, regular and gluten free breads, rice cakes, fruit and a variety of spreads (tahini, peanut butter, jam, etc.) are offered at all times.

  • If you have dietary restrictions other than being gluten free or vegan, we invite you to bring food with you to supplement what is provided. A fridge and a microwave are available for participants for this purpose.

  • No pets are allowed on the land.

Insurance and Liability

  • If you are coming from outside Canada, we encourage you to have health insurance.

  • All program staff and participants are required to sign a release of liability upon arrival.

Communication and Mail

  • Cell phone use is not permitted in public areas at Dorje Denma Ling.

  • A public phone is available for participants.

  • Phone cards and stamps are available for purchase in our gift shop.

  • Messages, if urgent, can be left by calling our Emergency phone 902-957-2021.

  • Internet access is available to participants in the Great Eastern Sun Building mudroom, Gyatso Lodge lounge, the dining tent, and outside the Tiger Gift Store. The offices are not available for participant use.

  • Office hours are 2:00 – 5:30 Tuesdays to Saturdays.

ROTA Details

  • Experienced ROTA service coordinators and ikebana practitioners are invited to offer their skills as their ROTA during a program. Please email with a short message if you are interested in offering your assistance.

  • Participants may also offer other special skills that may be helpful to the program (such as medical training).

  • If you have physical or health limitations that prevent you from doing certain ROTA tasks, please specify in the “Comment” field so this information can be passed on the program ROTA manager.

  • Your skills will be taken into consideration as we complete the ROTA schedule. Thank you.

General Information

  • Dorje Denma Ling provides rectangular foam meditation cushions (gomdens) and mats (zabutons). If you require other styles of cushions or Zen-style benches, please feel free to bring your own.

Registration Information

  • If possible, please arrive by 4:00 pm in order to have enough time to complete your registration and settle into your accommodations prior to the evening meal.

  • Expedited registration will be provided for participants who have paid in full.

Financial Assistance

  • All program costs at Dorje Denma Ling are workable. We offer payment plans of up to 6 months for all programs, and we can contribute up to $200 to all scholarships that local Shambhala Centres grant to help their members attend programs. To request additional financial assistance, please complete the Financial Aid application here:

  • Financial Aid Form

    Complete the application and mail or email it to our finance office at least four weeks before the program begins.  If you have any questions about the financial aid or payment plans, our finance office can be reached at via email at Please note that we cannot arrange tuition discounts at registration.

Dorje Denma Ling Protocol 

  • Dorje Denma Ling is a Shambhala International land centre, providing a sacred space in which to cultivate basic goodness and compassion. The following behaviors are considered to be not in accord with this view, and may be cause for your immediate removal from the land:1) Possession or use of an illegal substance;2) Aggressive or threatening physical or verbal behavior;3) Inappropriate sexual activity, including sexual harassment;4) Possession of a weapon;5) Inappropriate or excessive use of alcohol, including offering alcohol to a minor.