Heart Gifts for Teachers

It is traditional to make a monetary offering, called a Heart Gift, to the acharyas, or to the lead teachers of Shambhala Path programs and intensive practice retreats. It is meant as an expression of your heartfelt appreciation for the teacher and the teachings you have received from them, and it supports the ongoing activities of the teacher.

Usually these gifts are made by cash or cheque, in-person, at residential retreats. However, now that we are hosting more online programs, there may be instances when we suggest it is appropriate to offer a heart gift to the teacher. Accordingly, at the end of a program we will give you the teacher’s email and mailing address so you can make the offering directly.

You are not required to offer a Heart Gift, but if you are so inspired, you can choose to do so. The amount you give is entirely based on your inspiration and financial means. It is the gesture of offering and appreciation that matters, not the dollar amount.