Dorje Denma Ling offers indoor accommodations in Gyatso Lodge, and in our beautiful, fully insulated Drala Cabins. In addition, a variety of outdoor accommodations (listed below) are available from June until mid-September.

Gyatso Lodge has double and triple rooms with two shared hallway bathrooms on each floor. Lodge accommodations are available for $55 per night per person.


Dorje Denma Ling’s summer housing grounds are spacious, with gorgeous views, and in short walking distance to our two shower houses and to the main program complex.

Our uplifted Drala Cabins are finished inside, have electricity and heat, and rent for $50 June-September / $45 October to May per night per person (double occupancy)


Drala Cabins

Wood Cabins                                     Large White Tent

Prices for DDL Accommodations

All prices are per person per night:

  • Gyatso Lodge (double occupancy): $55 per person per night (triple $45/single $100)
  • Drala Cabin (insulated wood cabin, double occupancy): Seasonal Rates $55/$45 per person per night (single $90/$80)
  • Large White Tent (double occupancy): $40 per person per night (single $80)
  • Wood Cabin (double occupancy): $40 per person per night (single $75)
  • Wood Cabin Dorm (four people): $25 per person per night
  • Camping with your own tent: $15 per person per night

Also Note:

  • Since there are a limited number of indoor beds available, please apply at least 30 days in advance if you need one for health reasons.
  • For those staying in the Lodge or in a Drala Cabin, bedding and towels are provided.
  • For Wood Cabins and White Tents, you will need to bring your own bedding and towels.
  • No gas, candle or propane lighting of any kind is permitted in any of the accommodations.
  • A shower house is located near the Drala cabins, between Buddha and Vajra fields.  A second shower house is located near Tiger field at the main building.
  • You are welcome to wash clothing by hand and hang them to dry. There is a clothes line near the lodge.
  • It is a good idea for all guests to bring a flash light as it gets very dark at night.

For a list of local off-site accommodations, visit this page.