Dorje Denma Ling welcomes volunteers at all levels of participation: seasonal residents, local contributors, and professional contributors.

In addition to work assignments, staff and volunteers have the opportunity to participate in daily meditation practice, have access to local meditation instructors and opportunities to participate in our programs & dharma classes.

Seasonal Residential Volunteers

Consider spending your summer with us!

Dorje Denma Ling welcomes volunteers “from away” for longer stays during the summer months. We prefer that people stay for a month or more, but we also accept applications from volunteers who commit to a week or two, or a weekend.

Volunteers of all levels of skill or experience are welcome. We try to assign volunteers to tasks in their particular area of interest or skill set. However, volunteers are expected (like all of our resident staff) to be flexible and rally for any task when “all hands on deck” are required.


  • Volunteers of a week or more are expected to work 5 days per week, with two days off (not always consecutive).
  • Volunteers receive room & board
  • Volunteers earn “Program Credits” on a 1:1 basis for each day worked (i.e. 1 weekend work=1 weekend program, 1 week work=1 week program, etc.). 
  • Credits must be earned before attending a retreat, so plan ahead.
  • Volunteers are also entitled to a 30% discount in our Gift Store.


To volunteer, please complete this application.

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Dorje Denma Ling community. You are welcome to send questions to [email protected].

Local Volunteers

We can always use a helping hand… especially in the kitchen, housekeeping and gardening, but sometimes in the office or gift store. We therefore welcome local residents and Shambhala community members who are interested in volunteering their time to give us a call (902) 657-9085 or email [email protected] to get on our “Local Volunteer List.” Include your phone and email contact, and your area of interest, if applicable. We would contact you when we need assistance and schedule according to your availability.

All local volunteers also receive $35 per day in Program Credits, and a 30% discount in our Gift Store. They are also welcome to join the morning meditation session and staff classes if that is something of interest to them.

Professional Volunteers

The Dorje Denma Ling Governing Council (DDL GC) is the governing body for Dorje Denma Ling, which oversees the activities of the DDL Management team in areas of finance, programs, facilities, regulation and development. This small group of skilled individuals not only advises Management, but is also expected take responsibility for outcomes, and therefore is willing to support operations should the need arise.

Governing Council members meet once a month. Although they would be expected to have some connection or interest in the types of programs hosted by Denma Ling, they are not necessarily expected to reside in Nova Scotia. Governing Council members are welcome to attend retreats and online courses hosted at Denma Ling at no charge.

We are currently recruiting for new members of the Governing Council. For a full description of the roles and responsibilities of the Council, visit this page.