Healing and Transformation with Maitri

Each day during the Healing & Transformation with Maitri program, at Dorje Denma Ling from December 4th to December 11th, we explored one of the Wisdom Energies of the Five Buddha Families (Vajra, Ratna, Padma, Karma and Buddha). We rested in energetic postures, bundled ourselves up for chilly aimless wandering, surrounded ourselves and clothed our bodies in the colour of the day’s Wisdom Energy, and did interactive exercises that invoked the Wisdom Energies in our immediate experience.

Led by Timothy Walker Ph.D., the program generated a huge amount of self-reflection and emotional self-exploration. We were lucky to have Tim, who was a wonderful guide. We were also all very lucky to have one another: by the end of the program the group was very close, and sad to leave. 

One of my favourite exercises was eye-gazing, which we did on Vajra day.  This lasted about five minutes (I didn’t want to stop), and was followed by partner and then group discussion. Another one I liked was verbal Aikido, where we explored three styles of reacting to aggression by acting them out with simple Aikido exercises.  We did that on Karma day.

Actually, the format of the Aikido exercise is a pretty good example of the format of the entire week: we explored energies and feelings not by talking about them, but by invoking them in our bodies and experiences. I was astonished over and over again as we moved through each day, and found myself submerged in the wisdom energy that we invoked. For me this took the form of strong emotional experiences. There was a lot of sharing and opportunities for conversation, and it felt great to explore what I was experiencing publicly and in private conversation with people who I now feel very close to.

By Rebecca Abavi