Intuitive Astrology with Deborah Young, October 25-28

Intuititve Astrology

by Deborah Young

‘There is nothing wrong with you’, I said. She squirmed. I knew this was not what she wanted or expected to hear. I could feel her panic and stiffen at my words. She glanced towards the closed door of my office. At this point, she was probably deeply disappointed that she came to see me. After all, she had spent a lot of time, money and energy going to this person or that person, searching for confirmation of all her ‘wrongs’. I knew, I was just another person she was lining up to be a witness to all her obvious shortcomings. She had assumed I would confirm that she was ,indeed the recipient of a ‘bad’ Astrological Chart. In five words, I stripped away her frame of reference for being who she thought she was.

It is an easy seduction but it is a seduction that weakens our innate confidence. Scanning the skies, attending workshops, reading this or that book, in an effort to root out our wrongs. The moment we attach a ‘should or a ‘fix’ to any of our issues, we move towards mind-traps that ensnare us. Our vision narrows and we lose sight of our mission.

Your Astrological Map is a sacred Mandala. It is a picture, a precious picture of the skies the very instant you took in your first breath. Your Chart and mine is encoded with symbols that are rich in mythic wisdom. I believe we choose our themes and these themes are found within the Planets, Asteroids, Nodes and all the relationships they make to each other. These themes are Karmic and tell us that we are ready to release certain patterns and develop new talents. Gently and with humour exploring what acts as barriers to our Hearts, we courageously come to an understanding that we are ready to accept our mission. Actually,’there is nothing wrong with you’ is a call to accept your Spiritual responsibility and develop awareness.

The Lunar Nodes in your Chart cut to the chase. These squiggly symbols hold our Karmic history, our habitual patterns and promises of development. We are an inventive species and we devise all kinds of methods to hold onto our patterns. Even after years of evidence to the contrary, we will return over and over again to behaviours that hold us hostage to our ‘wrongs’. Moving away from these patterns takes the fearlessness of an acrobat. We get a glimpse of the rope dangling in the air. We know in order to get a good hold on this other rope, we have to let go. And there is nothing but air. We don’t know the in-between. We are not familiar. Your Nodes express this uncertainty and there is more..

Since, Sept1/2012 and until March 22/2014, the Lunar North Node is travelling through Scorpio. Translation? The key messages of Scorpio is transformation and elimination. As a Global community we are tasked with the responsibility of deepening our awareness of what we need to release. This is a potent time to pick up your sword and cut away what no longer works for you. The temptation to hold onto…fill in the blank..will be great. Is it your emotional patterns/ choices in love relationships? Money matters? Meaningful work? Remember, it is not about identifying what is wrong but becoming more aware of your patterns. Actually, ‘there is nothing wrong with you’ is a call to action; a call to developing deeper awareness; a call to Heart.

Deborah Young will teach Intuitive Astrology, a 3 day-retreat at Dorje Denma Ling at October 25-28. More info: 902-657-9085


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