Kitchen Manager

Job Description

When nutritious and delicious food is provided for staff and participants, we have the energy and strength to engage with our world. Creating a kitchen environment for staff and program volunteers that supports meditation in action is the inspiration of the Kitchen Manager.

The Kitchen Manager is responsible for all operations of the kitchen at Dorje Denma Ling (DDL). In conjunction with the Chief of Staff, the Kitchen Manager supports and maintains a protected environment in which people can experience the benefits of meditation.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Plan and deliver meals for program participants, staff and other guests in accordance with program guidelines and participant dietary restrictions.
  • Schedule and supervise kitchen staff and assigned volunteers
  • Ensure that food areas are organized and maintained
  • Ensure a safe working environment and comply with Nova Scotia Food and Agriculture code
  • Maintain current inventory of kitchen and dining ware and assess as needed
  • Manage food budget with Executive Director and Finance Manager.
  • Ordering and shopping for all food, staples, and kitchen supplies
  • Network with suppliers to achieve the highest quality food items within budget utilizing local vendors as much as possible
  • Encourage and model a practice environment in all kitchen activities.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Works closely with the Chief of Staff in the day-to-day implementation of kitchen activities.
  • Coordinates with program manager