Mindfulness for Education Professionals

with Robyn Traill, Sobaz Benjamin, Marguerite Sands, Lilly Gleich

October 25th—October 27th (2013)

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A professional development program on mindfulness and contemplative techniques, for educators working with children and adolescents from grades primary through 12.

The weekend will focus on two main aspects of mindfulness practice: 

1) the educator’s personal practice of mindfulness: developing awareness, insight, empathy and compassion in seeing what is occurring in the classroom, responding to those observations with skill and wisdom and working with the adult stakeholders surrounding the student- parents, teachers, administration.

2) mindfulness practice with children and teens: how to lead students of various ages from early childhood to teenagers in mindfulness exercises, how to set up an classroom environment conducive to mindfulness (physical space, time organization), how to mix a conceptual curriculum with embodied, intuitive experience through movement, the arts etc., inquiry and reflection exercises for individual students and between students

Participants will engage mindfulness and awareness practices throughout the weekend, practice techniques used with students, and survey the current research on mindfulness and neuroplasticity. Group inquiry and reflection will be an important part of making the weekend relevant to the specifics of each participant. 

Participants will be introduced to and have the opportunity to practice a variety of mindfulness techniques, designed to strengthen attention, confidence and acceptance – both for the teacher and in support of the students’ journey.

This informative, experiential and collaborative program also includes discussions on the science and research into mindfulness for teachers and students, as well as examples and exercises for the application of mindfulness and contemplation within the classroom setting.

About the Presenters

Robyn Traill

Robyn Traill has been an educator since 1984. He taught in the inner city of Winnipeg for 10 years where he wrote the curriculum sourcebook, “Time for Learning, Time For Joy” for the Manitoba Department of Education. Robyn has been a meditation instructor for 27 years and has practiced mindfulness with students since 1986.

He was the director of Karme Choling Meditation Center in Vermont from 1996 to 2000 and then was the Richmond B.C. School District’s part-time Fine Arts Consultant as well as a private film composer from 2002 until 2010.

Currently he is the Director of the Shambhala School in Halifax, a PrePrimary to Grade 12 independent school in Halifax. His daughter Gemma is in Grade 2 at the school.

Lilly Gleich

Lilly Gleich is a long time Shambhala student and teacher of mindfulness practices and a retired psychologist. She has worked with parents, children and adolescents on techniques to develop peace, attention, compassion, and emotional intelligence, and has a ongoing interest in the scientific research on the benefits of mindfulness on health, learning and relationships.

Sobaz Benjamin

Sobaz Benjamin is a Nova Scotia filmmaker and director of "In My Own Voice", a mentorship-based media workshop for at-risk youth in Nova Scotia.  He teaches Digital Media at the Shambhala School and is a provincial leader in the use of story telling as a path of reflection and awareness in  empowering youth.

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