Building with Hemp

with Steve Allin

July 22nd—July 25th (2013)

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  • $360 + accomodation Tuition Assistance 1

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Tuition fee is payable to Steve Allin upon arrival.

Hemp-lime masonry, or “hempcrete,” is a cutting-edge natural building material. It is attractive, has great thermal and acoustic insulation properties, is carbon-negative, with no toxic elements, while being affordable and extraordinarily simple to build with. This can be used to build walls or as an in-fill for roofs, floors or as a plaster. It uses industrial hemp, a crop already widely grown in Canada and renowned as a fiber, food crop and biomass.

Participants will learn both the theory and practice of using hemp-lime masonry in green buildings.  This workshop is appropriate for individuals interested in green building as well as professionals looking to broaden their expertise. 

Steve Allin, a pioneer of the use of hemp in building, is the author of Building with Hemp 2005/2012, and director of the International Hemp Building Association. He lives in the South West of Ireland, from where he works internationally as a hemp building consultant and teacher.

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Program tuition: $360

(payable upon arrival to Steve Allin)

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Gyatso Lodge has double and triple rooms with shared hallway bathrooms.  The huts, dorm tents and cabins have 2 - 8 occupants and share an outdoor bath-house.

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