Healing and Transforming Emotions with the Five Wisdoms

with Dr. Timothy Walker

May 10th—May 17th -Date postponed or cancelled

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  • $690.00 Full Tuition

According to Tibetan Buddhist teachings, we all posses the ability to access innate wisdom through five elemental energies expressed in our emotions. These five energetic emotional styles describe the different ways in which we each perceive and interact with others and our world. Through these teachings and practices we can develop awareness of our patterns and emotional energy styles. From that awareness, we can gradually transform emotional confusion into emotional wisdom that can have a positive effect on every aspect of life.

During this week- long contemplative retreat we will explore loving kindness meditations according to the five emotional wisdom styles. This is a powerful course in emotional healing for anyone interested in reclaiming wholeness through synchronizing body, mind and spirit.

In this course, we will learn and practice:

- Mindfulness Awareness Meditation
- Loving Kindness Meditations
- Energy Postures
- Group Discussions
- Silent Walks in Nature
- Reflective Contemplations
- Creative and Expressive Work
- Yoga, Qi Gong, Body Movement
- Fun & Celebration

This guided process will help you to:

- Gain awareness into the energy patterns of your emotions
- Foster insight and a natural energetic release
- Access the power of basic healthiness and wisdom energy, free of ego fixation

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