Mahamudra Retreat: Cultivating Stillness and Insight

with Elizabeth Callahan, Scott Wellenbach, Ani Palmo, Nancy Huszagh

October 16th—November 17th

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  • $2900.00 Full Tuition

"Mahamudra is a situation in which a person's state of mind can be completely transformed by two factors: devotion and practice."
- Chögyam Trungpa; Mahàmudrà: Volume Three. The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma, p 159.

"If you want your mind to rest, you must hold your body in the meditation posture."
- Düsum Khyenpa; The Ocean of Definitive Meaning, p 94.

Please join retreat leaders Elizabeth Callahan, Scott Wellenbach, Yeshe Palmo and Nancy Huszagh who are pleased to present a second intensive mahamudra retreat for 2019.

We will, again, use as the practice textthe shamatha and vipashyana meditation instructions from the ninth Karmapa Wangchuk Dorje’s Pointing Out the Dharmakaya, translated by the Vajravairochana Translation Committee.

Elizabeth Callahan will lead the shamatha mahamudra for one week. The vipashyana mahamudra will be led by Scott Wellanbach.

Throughout the month, Yeshe Palmo will offer pranayama (breath), posture and yoga instruction designed to be a gateway to “looking” with relaxation and certainty. She will be available on an optional basis to work with individuals on posture issues for greater ease in sitting meditation as well as gentle yoga that has a strong emphasis on breath-work.

The retreat will follow a traditional three-year retreat format - four practice sessions per day. Authorization to attend is restricted to Vajrayana practitioners.

You can purchase the text and commentary for $65 Canadian from Nalanda Translation. Please purchase these materials prior to the retreat.

Prerequisites Apply

This is a vajrayana program restricted to tantrikas and sadhakas who have received pointing out instruction.

Questions? Wonder if you qualify? Please contact Nancy Huszagh.

Retreat Limited to 28 Participants

Due to limited indoor housing at Dorje Denma Ling, we can accommodate only 28 participants at this retreat. If you are interested, please register early to secure your space.

Interested in a spreading out payments for this retreat? Please contact Suzy Ulrich to set up a Payment Plan.

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