Program Manager

Dorje Denma Ling (DDL) is currently seeking a qualified Program Manager to begin April 1, 2020. This is a full-time position during the program season (April 1 to November 30), with the possibility of continuing part-time during the off season.

The Program Manager is responsible for all operational details related to the execution and support of programs at Dorje Denma Ling. The Program Manager is not responsible for planning or scheduling future programs.

Job Description

After a program has been scheduled and published on the DDL website, the Program Manager is responsible for developing the logistical plan for delivery of the retreat on-site, as well as managing quality control through follow-up, evaluation and feedback. This preparation and execution includes:

  • Working with the teacher to document a logistical plan and schedule that specifies how to set up and support the program on-site;
  • Collaborating with teachers and others to recruit program staff;
  • Coordinating daily with DDL staff to execute the plan while providing excellent customer support;
  • Maintaining an inventory of materials and supplies required to support various programs;
  • Communicating with in-coming participants regarding what to bring, what to expect, and other details they might need to know in advance of the program;
  • Briefing and supporting the incoming program coordinators and other staff during program set-up in order to launch the program, and during the program as needed;
  • Collecting feedback from participants and staff from each program, debriefing with fellow DDL staff members and documenting any changes or improvements for the future.


The overall success of Dorje Denma Ling’s programming depends on creating a positive experience for both the teachers and participants during the execution of the program. It is the responsibility of the Program Manager to provide a clear bridge between the program and the DDL mandela so as to ensure that all program needs are met.

Qualifications of the Program Manager

Dorje Denma Ling is a residential retreat centre within the Shambhala International mandala. Therefore, the successful applicant for Program Manager will need to be a member of Shambhala and understand the curriculum, as well as have a strong personal commitment to Shambhala vision and enlightened society. They should be committed to maintaining a regular meditation practice or other contemplative disciplines, and look forward to engaging wholeheartedly in community living with other Dorje Denma Ling staff.

In addition to these prerequisites, the ideal candidate for the position of Program Manager:

  • Has knowledge of how to set up a Shambhala environment, and understands its importance in creating a supportive container for teachings to be heard;
  • Is an experienced and skilled program coordinator, preferably having specific experience coordinating Shambhala Training or core path assemblies;
  • Is a good listener and a skillful communicator;
  • Demonstrates strong organizational skills and is attentive to details;
  • Has experience in other customer service related roles and is skilled in dealing with complaints and unexpected demands that may arise;
  • Has a demonstrated ability to work as part of a team;
  • Has demonstrated leadership abilities and is comfortable providing feedback to others when in a managing role;
  • Is proficient in using database and other software tools;
  • Is willing to be flexible with scheduling work: meetings and other tasks can require weekend and after hours attention.


If this description fits you and you are looking to live and work fully in the challenge, please submit an online application with your resume and address your cover letter to: Catherine Neill, Director.

By Email:

[email protected]