Program Listings

  • Lodge: Single Occupancy Room - $100 per Night – CAD $1,690.00
  • Lodge: Double Occupancy - $55 per Night – CAD $1,285.00
  • Lodge: Couple Room - $55 Each per Night – CAD $1,285.00
  • New Cabin-Style Tent: Single Occupancy - $60 per Night – CAD $1,330.00
  • Drala Cabin: Single Occupancy - $80 per Night – CAD $1,510.00
  • Drala Cabin: Double Occupancy - $45 per Night – CAD $1,195.00
  • Wood Cabin: Double Occupancy - $35 per Night – CAD $1,105.00
  • New Cabin-Style Tent: Double Occupancy - $35 per Night – CAD $1,105.00
  • Wood Cabin Dorm: Up to 4 People - $25 per Night – CAD $1,015.00
  • Your Own Tent - $20 per Night – CAD $970.00
  • Off-Land Commuters - $10 per Day – CAD $880.00
  • (All prices include CAD $790.00 base amount)

Date & Time Details: Arrival Friday, June 21 by 5 pm. Departure Sunday June 30 after lunch.

Location: Dorje Denma Ling

Address: 2280 Balmoral Road Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0

Peggy Eyre
902-305-1183 Ext. 15

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Ashe Mahamudra Nine-Day Retreat

With Acharya Richard John

June 21 - 30, 2019

Restricted to Shambhala tantrikas, who have attended Vajrayana Seminary or Sacred World Assembly.

Dorje Denma Ling is pleased to resume the annual Mahamudra Retreat with Acharya Richard John. This retreat will align the traditional investigation and pointing out instructions of mahamudra and trekchö with the wisdom of Ashe and the path of the Four Dignities, using the Ashe Mahamudra, a profound liturgy by the Sakyong. The lung for this practice will be given at the beginning of the retreat.

Mahamudra, the “great seal,” is among the most profound streams of teaching and practice of Vajrayana Buddhism. Revered as a powerful support for all other tantric practices, it is also extremely simple and direct, focused on recognizing and gaining confidence in the true nature of mind through direct experience.

This retreat is appropriate for Shambhala tantrikas at all levels of practice. Scorpion Seal practitioners will have two separate sessions for the SSA “morning practices.”

New participants should enter the retreat at the very beginning and commit to the entire 10-day retreat. Those who have done it previously may do any part of it, but they should begin at the beginning if possible.



Acharya Richard John
An early student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Richard was appointed an acharya by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. For many years he has taught Shambhala Buddhist programs in North America, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and Chile. After careers as a designer and a management consultant, he served as director of the Halifax Shambhala Centre. He completed the first three-year group retreat at Gampo Abbey, and he now teaches full time. Richard and his wife Liz reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
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