Tatamagouche community meets Shambhala community over food, conversation and meditation

by Lennart Krogoll, Executive Director of Dorje Denma Ling

Traditional lhasang or smoke ceremony

Traditional lhasang or smoke ceremony

Hosting this year’s Midsummer celebration in conjunction with our 20th anniversary, was a somewhat bold experiment – another venture into the unknown. How do we celebrate enlightened culture or society? How do we celebrate enlightened culture or society – completely open to all local folks who have never been here before, as well as the familiar Maritime Shambhala community? We wondered, how can we make the event fun, free and spacious for all generations, while manifesting our valuable traditions?

About three hundred people came over the weekend of June 21 to 23, to enjoy plenty of wonderful food, a spacious, playful environment and schedule, conversing with new and old friends, the inspiration of excellent performances and ceremonies, and time to relax and just be.

There was a wonderful flow from one cultural happening to another: a rich brunch, a parade and lasang, followed by a country fair and flower arranging, followed by an aboriginal concert, mind stopping Bugaku performances, fiddle music and a riveting barn dance for all ages, followed by stand-up comedy by Cathy Jones, a DJ and a hearty bonfire, interspersed by children’s play, kite flying, slide shows and simply hanging out and enjoying conversations, a barbeque and the amazing views of the Tatamagouche hills and coast; – not to speak of Friday night’s touching, exquisite songwriter’s circle.

The most memorable aspect of this gathering for me, was the totally natural meeting of local Tatamagouche families with Shambhala community members from all over the Maritimes. “Please make this an annual event,” was the most common feedback we received from locals and Shambhalians alike. And with your help we will.