The Practice of Contemplative Photography: Where Heart, Mind and Eye align

Dorje Denma Ling witnessed a very interesting phenomenon last weekend. Over a dozen of people with an unusual look in their eyes were wondering through the land taking the pictures of the more or less ordinary places. They were kneeling, climbing, “diving” into the grass and woods, they were seeing fresh…

The Practice of Contemplative Photography with Andy Karr took place last Saturday and Sunday and 15 participants were discovering richness and beauty hidden in the ordinary.

The practice of contemplative photography reveals what is concealed in plain sight. It is a method for seeing and photographing the world in fresh ways. Instead of emphasizing subject matter or the technical aspects of photography, this workshop provided training in how to see clearly, and make images based on fresh perceptions. You could tell!

Take a look how heart, mind and eye got aligned.

Assignment: Texture

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