Wellness Grants Showcase at Dorje Denma Ling


Community Health Boards in Nova Scotia are legislated community groups made up of volunteers who have the role of being the “eyes, ears and voices” of their community’s health and well-being. The responsibilities of the boards include collecting information on local health and wellness concerns and identifying community-based solutions to meet these needs and to improve the overall health and wellness of the community.
The “North Shore Area” CHB includes the geographic area and communities in and around Tatamagouche, Brule, Earltown, Malagash, Wentworth, Westchester, Denmark, Fox Harbour, River John, Toney River and Wallace. Each year, this CHB hosts an evening event for all of the individuals and groups who have received grants that year for projects which address a health and well-being value that has been identified by the board. The grant recipients present their projects, and the evening is always an inspiring and heart-warming display of basic goodness and kindness, creativity, depth of skill and knowledge, and commitment to making the world a better place.

This year the ‘Showcase’ was held at Dorje Denma Ling, at the invitation of Pat Hayward, who has been a member of the CHB for three years. Over 15 projects were presented, all geared toward improving and enhancing the health and quality of life in this community. A few of the projects are:
• The Colchester East Hants Hospice Society’s “Grief Relief” project, which provides palliative care, grief support, community education on coping with various situations, food and equipment support, and “wish support”;
• Many physical activity projects, including yoga in the elementary school, family skating, broomball lessons, ‘Earltown Gets Fit’ (which also includes ‘healthy cooking’ classes) and ‘Busy Bodies,’ a mixed-age skating and activity program for children and families;
• River John “Meals on Wheels” support;
• Projects from ‘Open Doors’ community service organization, including a Food Handlers Training program, offering official certification which is required of anyone offering food to the public (our Denma Ling cooks participated), creation of a Leadership Manual for the youth summer recreation program, and support of the ‘North Shore Activity Day Camps for Youth’;
• ‘Full Circle Community Network,’ a local non-profit which partners with other groups to organize activities that foster well-being and the inclusion of people of all ages and abilities into our community. This year the ‘Network’ started a horticulture therapy project in partnership with the Tatamagouche Centre, and has initiated discussions with Dorje Denma Ling for partnership here.

The ‘North Shore’ of Nova Scotia is a very special area, with great heart and activity geared toward creating and enriching the web of community support and friendship. We were very honored to host this event at Dorje Denma Ling.



The Network collaborated with the Tatamagouche Centre and built raised beds for elderly in wheelchairs and with walkers to garden in