Program Listings

  • Lodge: Double Occupancy $55 – CAD $2,180.00
  • Drala Cabin: Double Occupancy – CAD $2,125.00
  • Large White Tent: Double Occupancy – CAD $2,015.00
  • Wood Cabin: Double Occupancy – CAD $2,015.00
  • Wood Cabin Dorm: Up to 4 People – CAD $1,850.00
  • Bring Your Own Tent – CAD $1,740.00
  • (Not Offered) Lodge: Triple Occupancy Dorm with Bunk Bed – CAD $2,070.00
  • (All prices include CAD $1,575.00 base amount)

Date & Time Details: Arrival is after 3 pm on July 5th. Departure is after breakfast on July 16th.

Location: Dorje Denma Ling

Address: 22 Balmoral Road, Tatamagouche, NS, B0K 1V0

Peggy Eyre
[email protected]
(902) 957-3443

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Scorpion Seal Assembly Year 4

With Eve Rosenthal

July 5 - 16, 2019

Prerequisites:  To register for this retreat you must have attended and completed all practice requirements for Scorpion Seal Assembly Years 1, 2 and 3. It is not necessary to apply to the Shambhala Office of Practice and Education in order to attend Scorpion Seal Assembly Year 4.

Tuition: $1,575.00 Tuition includes all meals but not accommodations.

All prices are in Canadian currency.

Payment Plans: We offer payment plans. Register early and contact Suzy Ulrich in Finance to set up a payment plan that meets your budget.

Materials Fee: There will be a materials fee, but we do not have that information at this time. We will update the website as soon as we know.

Accommodation fees are in the range from $20 per night to bring your own tent to $80 a night for a single occupancy in a drala cabin. Details when you register. Participants who wish to stay off-land pay tuition, plus a $10 per diem, for use of our facilities.

If you are interested in staffing Scorpion Seal Assembly, follow this link. We will register all staff  and apply appropriate discounts.


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Eve Rosenthal
Eve Rosenthal has been a senior teacher in Shambhala for many years, leading programs for the public as well as advanced practitioners. She has lead several Warrior Assemblies in North America, Europe and South America, the first of which was the inaugural program at Dorje Denma Ling in 1993. Eve has also been a practitioner of tai chi and qi gong for several decades. She learned from the students of Cheng Man-Ching, a grand master of the Yang style of tai chi, and continues her study of qi gong and tai chi with Dr. Wu, an accomplished practitioner of martial…
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