Creating enlightened society from the Heart of Nova Scotia 

Dorje Denma Ling provides a strong, peaceful container for deep practice and an inspiring environment for training compassionate warriors for societal change. The centre also is a collaboratively engaged contributor in the local communities, honouring ecological and economical responsibility.

Dorje Denma Ling has the energetic qualities of space, gentleness and beauty that nurture and support the mind, body and heart.  We serve as a local centre for the residents of the area, a regional centre for the Atlantic Provinces and, as an international centre, we welcome practitioners from around the world.

When you come here you experience the elemental nature of the environment itself: the spacious sky, surrounding forests, rolling rugged landscape and the distant horizon of the Northumberland Straight and Prince Edward Island. The simple, open and direct quality of the land naturally supports meditation practice and the personal life journey.

Our Building principles

  • We build only what we can afford.
  • We build incrementally over time, to manage and serve an organic integrated growth.
  • We aim to build to the highest standards of ecological responsibility, durability, energy efficiency and elegance.
  • We honour energetic sensitivity and the natural land-forms, views and drala, and work with feng shui and sacred architecture principles.
  • Our building projects contribute to the local economy, using as much as possible local materials and labour.


Completed in 2015:

The Hemp-House – This building consists of three resident bedrooms and a shared bath.

Our recent Hemp House project has many ecological and health benefits:

1. Carbon Neutral

2. Primarily Agricultural

3. Primarily Locally Sourced and Built

4. High Insulation Value

5. Fire and Vermin Resistant

6. Breathable yet Airtight

7. Long Lasting

8. Beautiful!

The Root Cellar
Our most recent completed project is our new Root Cellar, for our kitchen produce storage allowing us to store and serve more organic, local produce throughout the winter months.

Future Building aspirations:

  • The next staff house as part of our staff village.
  • New, more elegant summer housing for programs.
  • Upgrading the energetic and ceremonial, central spot of our core complex.

Further build out of the central core complex with year-round, multipurpose practice and study facilities and a front building to house welcoming gathering spaces, tea room, shop, registration and administration, dining, kitchen, as well as a meditation hall.