Notes on living during the time of COVID-19

Just read an interesting essay by Charles Eisenstein that left these words with me: “Seeing the world in us-versus-them terms blinds us to the reality that life and health happen in community.”

As someone who has always tilted more toward introversion, I have not found it so difficult to isolate myself from others. And I expect that others in the Shambhala community have seen as much value in having time to practice and study alone as I have. Maybe we could get used to this new version of society where we don’t hug anymore and wear face masks that hide our smiles? But that would be difficult for me, even though I am doing fine now.

What is more difficult right now is knowing how many people have no option to be alone and be cared for. Finally, we are being shown the price of our isolation from those who live on the margins of society which have never been ‘safe’. Much more than tonglen is needed to show that we care because we are connected.