Direct Perception - Summer Art Program

with Jerry Granelli, Leya Evelyn, Alan Syliboy

August 22nd—August 26th (2012)

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  • $590 double or triple occupancy room in our lodge Full Tuition
  • $450 accommodation in our out-door cabins, huts and tents Tuition Assistance 1
  • $390 bring your own tent Tuition Assistance 2

Direct Perception will feature experiential workshops for new, advanced and aspiring artists, and anyone wanting to explore and strengthen their creative expression.  Worshops include: 

The Creative Process for all art forms: Mindfulness based practical exercises, enhancing perception, creative courage, awareness.

Creative Music with  Jerry Granelli improvised music as direct reflection of life, … do you have the courage to let go, play and move into compositional choices?  

Making Marks on the Ground, with Alan Syliboy: Creative expressions and messages, collaborating with nature, objects, spaces, earth and nowness.

Definitely not your Usual nature Drawing with Leya Evelyn:  Delineating, abstracting, reducing, multiplying and dividing the natural and the unnatural.


During this program we live, learn and practice our art forms together. Mornings will be spent all together on practical exercises enhancing the creative process, relevant for all art forms. After that, for part of the day, everyone will choose one of the three workshops as their main track.  Everyone will also have the opportunity to attend a workshop with each of the other core teachers. In addition there will be a few collaborative session, performances and everything will be action based, experiential learning and expressing through those art forms.

Program begins Wed. Aug 22 at 5pm, and ends Sun. Aug 26 after lunch.  (Part-time participation can be arranged)

Prices include accommodation, meals, tuition & some materials.
$ 390 bring your own tent (bathhouse and other facilities provided)
$ 450 accommodation in our out-door cabins, huts and tents
$ 590 double or triple occupancy room in our lodge


 If you select this payment plan option, after finishing your registration, please call the registrar at DDL to set up the payment schedule.

 Gyatso Lodge has double and triple rooms with shared hallway bathrooms.  The huts, dorm tents and cabins have 2 - 8 occupants and share an outdoor bath-house.

If you are interested in a single room, please contact us about two weeks before the program begins, and depending on the number of registrants, we may be able to offer you this option for an additional $40 per night.

To register please click on the "Registration" button below or call us at (902) 657-9085 .


 All program costs at Dorje Denma Ling are workable. With either of the tuition choices above, we can provide a payment plan of up to 6 months, and we also match all scholarships that local Shambhala Centers grant to help their members attend programs. If you have any questions about the financial aid or payment plans, please contact our Finance Manager, Susan Engel at 902-657-9085 x16 or via email at [email protected] at least two weeks before the program begins. Please note that we cannot arrange tuition discounts at registration.



 Deposits will be refunded up to 30 days prior to the program, less a 10% administration fee. Deposits will be 50% refunded up to 10 days prior to the program.

 There is no refund of deposits for cancellations less than 10 days before the start of a program.



Jerry Granelli is a master of free jazz. He has been playing drums, or anything he can make musical sounds with, nonstop since the 1940s. Of his process, he says, “Let go of what you want it to be. let go of how you think it to should be. even let go of your vision."

Leya Evelyn has played with colour since she was young, studying with Josef Albers at Yale and teaching at NSCAD for 25 years. her abstract paintings are about explorations, possibilities, imaginings and openings, actively resisting tidy categorizations while simultaneously exploiting them.

Alan Syliboy looks to the indigenous mi’kmaq petroglyph tradition for inspiration, and developed his own artistic vocabulary out of those forms. most of his subjects deal with family, searching, struggle and strength. All of these things are part of his art, and his art gives him strength for a continuing spiritual quest.